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Uncontested divorce in Virginia

Divorce is frequently seen in the field of family law as a difficult and emotionally taxing procedure. However, an uncontested divorce offers a simplified and peaceful option for couples who can agree on important matters like child custody, alimony, and asset division. An uncontested divorce in Virginia offers married couples a simple way to end their marriage without going through drawn-out legal proceedings. 

Our competent, uncontested divorce attorneys are available to help you navigate this difficult period with efficiency, knowledge, and compassion. We will discuss the nuances of an uncontested divorce in Virginia, highlight the advantages of having an experienced lawyer by your side, and detail how our company can help you navigate this legal process with ease.

Why Choose Our Uncontested Divorce Lawyers in Virginia?

Managing the legal subtleties might be challenging during an uncontested divorce in Virginia. Nevertheless, our legal team is here to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience throughout the process. Clients trust us to manage their amicable divorces with competence and care for the following reasons


With a plethora of uncontested divorce cases handled throughout Virginia, our firm has the experience and understanding necessary to help clients through every stage of the procedure.

Individualized Counseling

Since every divorce is different, we approach each case individually, modifying our legal strategies to fit the objectives and priorities of our clients.

Efficient Interaction

Throughout the divorce process, it is critical to maintain open lines of communication. Our team is adept at informing clients, responding to their concerns right away, and firmly guiding them through crucial decisions

Efficiency and Timeliness

We understand the importance of efficiently and timely resolving uncontested divorces, allowing our clients to move forward with their lives without unnecessary delays or complications.

Understanding Uncontested Divorce

A no-fault or mutual consent divorce, sometimes referred to as an uncontested divorce, is one in which both parties agree on all matters pertaining to the breakdown of their marriage. In contrast to a contested divorce, which might necessitate court intervention and decision-making over a range of issues, an uncontested divorce enables couples to finalize their divorce agreement out of court. 

Eligibility for Uncontested Divorce in Virginia

Couples must fulfill particular eligibility requirements set forth by state law in order to pursue an uncontested divorce in Virginia. The primary requirements include the following:


A spouse must have been a legitimate resident and domiciliary of Virginia for a minimum of six months in order to file for divorce.


According to Virginia law, you must wait a certain amount of time to file for divorce. For the duration of the mandatory period—six months if the marriage does not have any minor children, or twelve months if they do—the spouses must live apart and separately without cohabitation.

Consensus on Important Issues

The parties to the divorce must reach a consensus on all pertinent issues, such as the allocation of assets and liabilities, the payment of spousal support (if any), child support, custody, and visitation schedule

Starting the process of an uncontested divorce

In Virginia, filing a “Complaint for Divorce” or “Bill of Complaint” in the relevant circuit court usually starts the uncontested divorce procedure. The phases that are essential to starting and completing an uncontested divorce are outlined below:

Preparation of Divorce Documents: 

The parties file for divorce together with the required paperwork, such as the complaint, which describes the parties’ mutual agreement and sets forth the grounds for divorce. The filing spouse, plaintiff, or attorney prepares these documents.

The defendant’s response: 

The respondent, who is the defendant’s spouse, has a set amount of time to reply to the divorce complaint after it has been served. In an uncontested divorce, if the respondent accepts the terms of the complaint, they may forego the need to respond formally.

Divorce decree finalization: 

The parties present the separation agreement to the court for approval after it has been executed, along with any other necessary paperwork. The marriage is formally ended when the court issues a final divorce decree if it determines that the agreement is fair and equitable.

Benefits of Uncontested Divorce

Choosing an uncontested divorce in Virginia provides a number of noteworthy advantages for couples looking to end their marriage peacefully

Since uncontested divorces require fewer court appearances and less time and effort from attorneys, they usually result in lower legal fees and court costs than contested proceedings.

Uncontested divorces are settled faster than contested ones, giving couples the opportunity to complete their divorce and move on with their lives quickly

When their divorce is uncontested, couples can tailor their divorce settlement terms to suit their individual needs and preferences, as they have more control over the terms.

Uncontested divorces promote a more cooperative and constructive approach to divorce by reducing conflict and emotional distress for all parties, including any children involved, and avoiding acrimonious court battles.

Uncontested divorces are frequently settled out of court to protect the privacy and confidentiality of private information.

Ideas for an Uncontested Divorce

While there are many benefits to an uncontested divorce, couples thinking about this option should also be aware of the following

Both spouses must fully disclose all assets, liabilities, and financial information during the divorce process to ensure transparency and equity in the division of assets and debts.

Even though uncontested divorces are typically less complicated than contested ones, it is still advisable for each spouse to obtain independent legal counsel to review the proposed separation agreement and ensure their rights and interests are appropriately protected.

When deciding on custody agreements and child support payments, it is crucial to put the minor children’s welfare and interests first, if the divorcing couple has any.

For the terms of the separation agreement to be enforceable, they must be in line with Virginia law and the court’s determination of what is fair and reasonable. The contract needs to be properly drafted to avoid conflicts or problems down the road.

We can assist you if you are thinking about getting an uncontested divorce in Virginia and need knowledgeable legal counsel to go through this process with assurance and comfort. By agreeing on important issues up front and working together to navigate them, couples can reduce conflict, expedite the divorce process, and move on to the next phase of their lives more easily and clearly. Make an appointment for a consultation with our team of uncontested divorce attorneys in The Law Offices of SRIS. P.C., right now to start down the path to a better future.